Security Clearance

Denial, Loss, & Revocation of Security Clearances


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You have invested time, money, and energy into building a career within the intelligence, homeland, or national security sector. The potential denial or loss of a security clearance can mean the loss of that investment, irreparable harm to your reputation, and an end to your career. We understand not all security and background investigations and polygraph examinations are conducted properly and will ensure due process procedures are followed.

Alvin K. Brown is a former Assistant General Counsel for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)where he was responsible for providing legal advice to the Office of Security, to include the personnel security, adjudications, and polygraph functions.  Alvin has reviewed Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Statements of Reasons (SORs) to deny, suspend or revoke security clearances for legal sufficiency, and represented DIA a personal appearance hearings.  Alvin has a comprehensive understanding of National Security law, Security Executive Agent Directives (SEADs), Department of Defense (DoD) policies, and Director of National Intelligence Directives, and will apply this knowledge to help protect your rights.


 Security Clearance Services Include:

  • Denial of Security Clearance
  • Suspension of Security Clearance
  • Revocation of Security Clearance
  • Adverse Employment actions due to Polygraph or Investigations Result


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