Criminal Defense

The Experience You Can Trust and the Tenacity You Need

Kimberly Kuhn is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Bradenton, Florida, known as a dedicated, compassionate, and aggressive advocate for her clients, in and out of the courtroom.

Criminal defenses cases may include drug offenses, including the sale, personal possession, and trafficking, as well as offenses for driving under the influence and other major traffic offenses, firearm offenses, and assault and battery.

Kimberly Mills Kuhn

Our Approach to Your Criminal Defense

We are all know the familiar statement “innocent until proven guilty,” but unfortunately individuals who are accused of a crime or arrested do not usually get the benefit of the doubt.

Often, the police start building a case against you as soon as you are accused. If you are arrested, the state starts building their case against you immediately. An arrest and the criminal case that may follow can be very confusing and frightening, especially for people who have not been through the process before. 

The Stakes are High.

Innocence or a good defense may not protect you from the overwhelming power of the State without the help of an excellent attorney.

That’s why you need to speak to a competent attorney immediately.  Do not leave this to chance. Speak with Kimberly Kuhn today.

Experienced with a Full Range of Criminal Law Matters

Highly experienced in various criminal law matters, she will aggressively fight for you on ANY criminal matter you face.

Individualized Attention

You deserve an attorney who provides you with individualized treatment both in and out of the courtroom. Kimberly Mills Kuhn will provide the one-on-one care and attention most attorneys will not.

Direct, Personal Service

An exceptional criminal defense attorney will personally handle your case. Too often cases are passed off to other lawyers after the first consultation. This can lead to unfavorable outcomes and discontent with your defense.

Proactive Engagement

Kimberly Mills Kuhn will personally fight your charges by reviewing all the evidence, proactively engaging in the investigation, and communicating with you directly.

The first step is to request a consultation.

Then after listening carefully to your concerns, we work together to come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success.

Kimberly Mills Kuhn has thousands of hours of courtroom experience and invaluable relationships with judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, and bailiffs, which can be used to your advantage. She has the knowledge, tenacity, compassion, and skill your freedom and future depend on.

What if my case involves criminal charges and an injunction for protection (restraining order)?

It is important that an experienced attorney handle your restraining order for many reasons. If a restraining order is issued it can have criminal repercussions (you could be arrested simply for an allegation).

If the injunction is connected to a criminal case, a hearing usually takes place before any criminal proceeding and provides the opportunity to depose and cross-examine the complaining party and any witnesses in the case and examine all the evidence against you. This gives the attorney invaluable insight on how to prepare properly to actively defend the criminal charges.

For a victim, having an attorney guarantees all evidence is properly presented and your side of the story is heard in an organized, controlled, convincing manner.

When an injunction for protection (restraining order) is associated with domestic violence. Kimberly Kuhns works closely with Faith Brown for the appropriate response.

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