Independent Legal Investigations 

Faith Brown Family Law

Whether intentional malfeasance or simple negligence, the behavior of managers and employees can have a long-term impact on an organization.  We can investigate possible wrongdoing such as white-collar crime, breach of fiduciary duty, violation of company policies, EEO complaints, and other sensitive matters.  Through independent legal investigation, we can help discover potential problems in your business and craft solutions.

Alvin K. Brown has conducted, managed, and provided legal oversight to investigations alleging misuse of government funds, employee misconduct, violation of policies and procedures, and discrimination while serving as Assistant General Counsel for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Chief Compliance Officer of U.S. Special Operations Command’s (U.S. SOCOM), Command Operations Review Board (CORB). Through independent legal investigation, Alvin can help discover and resolve potential problems in your organization.

Independent Legal Investigation Services Include:

  • White-Collar Crime Investigations
  • Investigation of Equal Employment Opportunity/ Discrimination Complaints
  • Violation of Organizational Policies
  • Public Corruption Investigations
  • Insider Threat Investigations

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