Schedule a Consultation with Alvin K. Brown

Confirming Your Zoom Mediation with A.K. Brown

Please call (941) 953-2825 if you need immediate assistance.

You should receive an email shortly to confirm the time and date of your scheduled Zoom mediation with Alvin K. Brown.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email confirming your mediation with an engagement letter and Zoom instructions.  The Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator shall be Alvin K. Brown.

Mediator time is charged at the hourly rate of $400.00 for two party cases.  There is a two (2) hour minimum charge for cases reserved for a half day and a four (4) hour minimum charge for cases reserved for a full day.

The parties are encouraged to provide the mediator with a CONFIDENTIAL mediation statement approximately one week prior to the mediation. Additionally, parties are encouraged to prepare draft settlement agreements prior to the mediation that can be edited and signed once an agreement is reached.